"[Tutorial] Enable Autosave feature in Microsoft Word 2013"

Published: Mon 11 July 2016

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[Tutorial] Enable Autosave feature in Microsoft Word 2013

This tutorial was written to ease problems faced by graduates losing their work. By enabling autosave feature in Word 2013, you will save your work incase your computer crash.

  • Start New Blank Document.
  • Click File -> Save -> Browse
  • You will see Tools near Save button. Click it.
  • You should see Save Options . Click it.
  • You will see Word Options . Look for Save AutoRecover information every 10 minutes. Change it to 1 minute.
  • Click OK.

What happens here is that your document will be saved every 1 minute. Hassle free. Save lots of time doing things again.

It saves a lot of lives and man hours. No animals harmed during this tutorial. Only coffee intake.