Published: Mon 07 September 2020

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This article is a simple trick to have Tor Browser running as non-root user in Kali Linux. A lot of programs in Kali Linux requires you to run as root user, and Tor Browser does not like it run with root privileges. This is bad for security purposes.

To start off, create a user in Kali Linux with password and home directory.

12root@localhost:~#adduser <username>
root@localhost:~#passwd <username>

Verify if the home directory is created, by issuing following command:

1root@localhost:~#ls -alFh /home/<username>

Once you're done with performing above task, go ahead and update your Kali Linux distribution. Following commands will help you achieve that.

12root@localhost:~#apt-get updateroot@localhost:~#apt-get upgrade

Once you're done with above task, go ahead and install following package, torbrowser-launcher from apt repository.

1root@localhost:~#apt-get install torbrowser-launcher

Once you have finished installing the package, you will need to run following command to add user you have created earlier.

1root@localhost:~#xhost SI:localuser:<username>

xhost is a server access control program for X display server. It add/delete hostname/username to a acl list allowed to make connections to the X server. Once you're done with the command above, it's time to execute the command that will launch torbrowser-launcher. Type in following command:

1root@localhost:~# sudo -u <username> -H torbrowser-launcher

Voila! You have successfully launched Tor Browser using standard user account/privileges.

PS: Use Tor Browser for legitimate purposes only.

1) Running the Tor Browser on Kali Linux the proper way – https://medium.com/@jamesmacwhite/running-the-tor-browser-on-kali-linux-the-proper-way-d33a38b54e96
2) Linux xhost command – https://www.computerhope.com/unix/xhost.htm
3) XSERVER – https://www.x.org/releases/X11R7.7/doc/man/man1/Xserver.1.xhtml