"Raspberry Pi - Edible or Non-edible?"

Published: Mon 05 August 2013

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To be honest, Raspberry pie is edible.

Raspberry Pie

So which is the non-edible pie then? It's not pie but pi. Behold, Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer aimed at hobbyist and hackers (not forgetting students) around the world. It's an ARM GNU/Linux box only at $25 (price may vary after shipping etc etc). So, why are you waiting for, come and take a byte! If you scratching your forehead wondering what a credit-card sized computer can do, well, it can brew you coffee? What?! Yes, it can brew you coffee, to be exact, it turns your text messages into coffee. Amazing isn't it? Or scary? Okay, another take, what else a Raspberry Pi can do? Any idea? Perhaps, a home entertainment system that gives you blazing fast and clear Full HD movies on the go? Wow that means I can build my own media player out of it. Yes, Raspberry Pi hacked to do a lot of things, from brewing beers to what you can imagine. Probably RaspLite , Raspberry Pi powered satellite maybe? Recently students in an UK university built their own GSM base station using Raspberry Pi. Okay, basically it can be used to learn new things, or you can even come up with DIY things, you know.  In coming posts, I would explain in detail about Raspberry Pi and some tutorials for beginners to start their Raspberry Pi. I am also reseller for Raspberry Pi and if you want to buy you can contact me or fill up this FORM  . I would contact you as soon as possible.