"Maintaining Ports Tree - FreeBSD"

Published: Fri 14 July 2017

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FreeBSD has its own package management which is the ports tree. Ports tree has all the packages you need to build/run application such as subversion, git and others.

To check when you last updated ports tree, execute following command:

stat -x /usr/ports/UPDATING

Output will show you the last time ports tree collection was accessed and changed.

To update ports tree collection, you can run following command:

portsnap fetch extract update

To look for packages in ports tree, execute following command

whereis subversion

output will show you absolute path to that package. You can also change directory into /usr/ports and type following command:

make search name=


make quicksearch name=

Using ```subversion``` to update ports tree

Make sure you have subversion installed in your system. Executing svn --version may tell you if you have it installed in your system.

Then execute following command to pull updated ports tree

svn checkout https://svn.FreeBSD.org/ports/head /usr/ports

If you have any ports tree sub-directory in conflict, try running following commands in order:

svn revert --depth infinity

svn update