"Install JDK7 with NetBeans [Linux]-[How-to]"

Published: Mon 27 January 2014

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This how-to going to teach you how to install Oracle Java JDK and NetBeans in single installer file in linux. This how-to is aimed for those who have average understanding on linux terminal such as setting file permission, downloading and etc.


1)Download the file from this web site.

2)Open your terminal, go to the folder you have downloaded the file. (Assuming all downloading files from Web Browser goes into Downloads folder)

3)You can just execute the file yet. To fix that you need to toggle executable mode in the file. type in "[user@vgnshlvnz-pc Downloads]# chmod +x file_name_you_downloaded" .

4)Now the file is in executable mode, simply type"[user@vgnshlvnz-pc Downloads]#./file_name_you_downloaded" in your terminal.

5)An installer windows will come up and you can start installing JDK 7 with NetBeans.