"How to enable auto-save function in Microsoft Word 2010[IMPORTANT]"

Published: Wed 31 July 2013

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If you're University student/college student, take note. This is important and eventually it saves you from HEART ATTACK.

Crashes happen. Anywhere, anytime. Even your laptop or desktop may face crashes. While you're indulged with your work, computer goes off and all your work goes off with it. So, make sure auto-recover or auto-save is enabled. Let's see how we can do that.

  1. Click File > Options > Save.
  2. Make sure the Save Auto-recover information every x minutes box is selected.
  3. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, make sure the Keep the last auto-saved version if I close without saving box is selected.

IMPORTANT: The Save button is still your best friend. To be sure you don’t lose your latest work, click Save Button image(or press Ctrl+S) often.To be extra safe, enter a small number in the minutes box, like 10. That way, you’ll never lose more than 10 minutes of work.On the other hand, if you want to make Office faster, try entering a larger number in the minutes box, like 20. Auto-recover saves more than your files. It also saves your work-space (if it can). Suppose you open several spreadsheets in Excel and the power goes out. When you restart Excel, Auto-recover tries to open your spreadsheets again, laid out the way they were before, with the same cells selected.

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