Published: Sun 18 November 2018

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This guide is written to assist users in creating partition for disk, usb drives etc. Assumption is made that you are comfortable in command-line tasks and roughly understand the process of identifying partition, deletion, create new partition and format the partition.

Start command-prompt as Administrator.

Type diskpart and you will fall into the program's shell.

Type list disk and the program will show you list of disks attached to operating system

Type select disk <NUMBER> and you will select desired disk (USB stick in this case)

Type clean to clean existing partitions in the drive

Type rescan to scan the drive

Type create partition primary to create empty partition with primary flag set.

Type list partition will show you available partition in the disk

Type select partition <NUMBER> and you will select partition required

Type active to set the partition as active partition

Type format fs=<fat32/ntfs> to format selected partition with appropriate filesystem type

Type assign to assign the filesystem type to the partition

Type exit to exit the program

Resource: https://kb.iu.edu/d/bccm